Prajna Yoga In-Depth Study Course: The Subtle Body

November 13 – 18, 2019

8:00am – 5:00pm

Session III, The Subtle Body, presents ways to posturally balance the skull efficiently on top of the spine and to mindfully create a “psychic shield” to protect and empower spiritual awareness.

The pathway into the subtle body involves practice for the delicate structures of the throat, neck, cranium and brain. In yoga practice, the brain and sensory organs must be carefully protected and drawn inward.

Course of Study:
* Restorative yoga for the brain and nervous system
* The cranial chakras and the subtle body
* The bones of the skull and the cranial sutures
* The effects of vibration on the cranium
* The three “master glands” in the body: the thyroid, pineal and pituitary glands
* The critical position of the jaw and its connection to the sacrum
* Jalandhara bandha and its effects on the throat chakra and thyroid gland
* Working with the five senses in yoga, pratyahara
* Balancing the body through the six diaphragms
* Introduction to yoga nidra (yogic sleep)
* Yoga samadhi and the brain: Patanjali’s samapatti and the experience of absorption
* Using the chair in yoga to support the brain and skull
* Neuroplasticity, aging and the sensory-motor system
* Coping with fear and stress, protecting the skull and developing a “psychic shield”
* Working with the eyes in yoga
* Working with the Five Hindrances: craving, negativity, sloth, restlessness and doubt

The Subtle Body is a requirement for students fulfilling the 200-hr Prajna Yoga Teacher Training.

– EARLY BIRD rate: $875 with deposit of $250 paid three months prior to course start
– REGULAR rate: $975 if paid within three months of course start
∞ Deposit of $250 due at the time of registration, $100 is non-refundable
∞ Balance due one month prior to the course start.
+ Cost includes Prajna Yoga manual valued at $95
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