Spring into Movement Yoga Immersion

April 22 – 26 (9:00 – 10:30am)
April 27 (9:30 – 10:45am)

Spring has sprung! We come from the earth, we return to the earth and in between we garden. Spring is the time to root and grow, to bloom and blossom into your limitless potential.

Spring into Movement this April with Tabitha Rose for a week-long Immersion created to help you find a flow in your practice, your body and between each asanas mindfully and joyfully. Tabitha will use visuals of spring to help connect the breath to the movement and your mind to the inspiration within. Incorporating soft music to awaken your natural rhythm. A creative morning that would hope to leave you inspired and refreshed for the new season to come. A kick start to your practice after the long winter months!

This class welcomes all levels. It will provide a safe environment for beginners and well practiced students to learn correct form which helps build a healthy yoga foundation “our roots”. Basic postures such as sun salutations, standing poses, back and forward bends, and twists are practiced with an emphasis on correct alignment and technique while warming the body and clearing the toxins that have built up over the stagnate winter months. A moving meditation linked with breath work creates a peaceful atmosphere while gently allowing the practice to transform the body and mind.

IMMERSION: Use your Class Card or drop-in
Attend one or all 6 classes!!

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