Trish Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell (TRISH) was raised in the Northern Virginia area. She first realized her love for choreography and dance in her pre-teens when she would gather the neighborhood kids to make her choreography come to life. Since then Patricia has been from coast to coast in pursuing her passion for dance, the performing arts and a variety of bodywork modalities.

Patricia is a trained Cecchetti method classical dancer and teacher, and she has achieved five certifications from the Cecchetti Council of America, but is no stranger to tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary or hip hop. and always strives to bring forth her personal best and help her students to do the same. Tied in with Patricia’s love of dance are body mechanics and a wealth of knowledge on muscle and skeletal structure, which she feels helps bring awareness of mind and body to each student. Along with her in depth love of dance Patricia is also an accomplished Yoga instructor, Certified Reiki III practitioner and teacher, Qi Gong instructor.

Patricia moved to Orcas Island in 2019 and has felt the gifts the island and community have to offer, had been embraced by the island and the community, and is humble and thankful to live a life centered in the arts and to be able to share her love and knowledge of the performing arts with her students and her community.

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