judgement day web series rating

That WrestleMania was an event that saw John Cena win the first of his 16 WWE/World Title when he ended John Bradshaw Layfield’s dominant run as champion. They replayed the spot where Tori gave Bubba a splash through a table on Raw. Hunter cleared off the English announce table. Too Cool with a double clothesline on Christian and a drop toe hold send Edge into Christian’s groin. The number looks bad compared to the previous month’s Backlash, which did an impressive 675,000 buys, but that was also boosted by Steve Austin making an appearance and fans thinking The Rock would finally beat Triple H for the WWF Title, which he did thanks to Austin. What would the new king say? Rock hit a Rock Bottom on Triple H even though X-Pac was right there watching it. Show with a huge chop to the chest of Carlito followed by a body slam.

Anyway, it was still an entertaining match that the crowd loved it and they were really into it.
Back in the ring, X-Pac and Dogg double teamed D-Von against the ropes. Guerrero slammed Mysterio onto the table again. Reviewed in the United States on June 23, 2015. Angle recovered by whipping Booker face first into the steel ring post. Back in the ring, Angle was in control with knee lifts followed by uppercuts to the face and a suplex into a pin for two. Rock said if Michaels doesn’t call it down the middle, it’ll be between Rock and Michaels and it won’t take 60 minutes. Analysis: This was one of the worst gimmicks of the 2000s. It's really refreshing to see a bad guy that isn't super powerful.

Cena went back into the ring to pose with his version of the WWE Title and the WWE Title that JBL had. The main event is outstanding, I liked Jericho/Benoit a lot, the opener was a lot of fun, the Euro Title three way was good and even the two other matches that had the lowest star ratings were still very entertaining to me.

They went up top with Guerrero hitting a superplex off the top rope for a two count with Cole making the point that Guerrero can’t seem to beat Mysterio.
The Spanish announce team is at ringside as well.

Angle tried handcuffing Sharmell to the ropes, but Booker got back in the ring with a punch to the back and a kick to the face. Angle tried an Ankle Lock, Booker avoided it and hit a kick.

In NO way do I see much of a connection between Judgement Day and the Left Behind series it seems to be compared with so often here. Angle slapped on a front facelock, but Booker fought out of it with shoulder tackles to the gut.

Rock with a spinebuster on Hunter. The crowd was really into this. I'm glad its over, and I haven't started on any of the spinoffs.

There was a neckbreaker by JBL on Cena on the limo, but it looked like JBL took more of the bump than Cena did.

I liked the psychology of the match with Guerrero controlling about 75% of it by working over the ribs of Mysterio. It wasn’t needed to tell the story.

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