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Get the recipe here. Sauté the cumin seeds in the ghee until they begin to crackle and pop. When the color of the raw meat changes from pink to brown or deep red, that’s a clear indication that the chicken is cooked. For optimal results, use chunky hand-made mince as opposed to machine-made mince. You will need to stay near the stove constantly at this point to ensure the water dries without allowing the curry to burn. Marinating the chicken keema for sometime will enhance the taste of the chicken keema recipe. In this particular recipe, I have used less because this is a recipe on regular rotation in my house and I don’t want this to be an extremely fatty meal. It’s one of my favourite recipes , This is by far the best qeema recipe i have tried. This is a beautiful and flavoursome curry that is perfect to serve guests or or as a special treat for yourself and your family. » Ghee – I love to cook keema in ghee because ghee adds a super-intense nutty flavor. Chicken thighs have more flavor and won’t overcook easily. Palak Keema: Ground Chicken with Spinach. Chicken Keema is a delicious chicken recipe. Chicken Keema recipe Indian Style is a delicious mince chicken curry that’s cooked in a medley of spices & a light fragrant sauce. Literally, a karahi is a type of pan used to cook food in around the South-East of Asia. » Onion-tomato masala – this masala will provide the same taste.

Keep it up.

To make a gravy version of the chicken keema recipe, pour coconut milk or cashew milk and cook … Sauté the whole spices until they turn a beautiful golden brown color. » Whole spices – Black Cardamom, bay leaves, black peppercorns, and cumin seeds. Feel free to contact me with any questions or inquiries, and I would be happy to answer them. When going to the butchers, instead of asking for machine-cut minced meat, ask for hand-cut, or ‘hath ka keema’ if your butchers are Pakistani. Skip the steps 4-8 and follow the recipe as-is from step 9. Ginger is only  used as garnish in this recipe – I have been told by someone whose cooking experience I trust that traditionally ginger is only to be used as garnish and not in the actual karahi dish. HOOKED ON HEAT by MEENA AGARWAL. Cook the chicken mince over medium heat. If looking for a vegetarian version, use Soya to make Soya Keema Masala. Palak Pakoda: Indian-style Crispy Spinach Fritters, Kids Lunch Idea: Indian-style Keema Pasta, Kadhai Chicken (Stir-fried Chicken with Peppers), « How I Meal Plan and a recipe for Quick Instant Pot Chicken Pulao, Instant Pot Achari Gosht: Hot & Sour Lamb Curry ». This is a recipe I’ve tested and tweaked over the months. MEAT VARIATION: You can substitute the ground chicken with ground beef, lamb or pork.

If you love Indian food, you have to try this Chicken Keema matar recipe.

Cook the chicken for 5 minutes on medium low, but make sure to stir frequently to avoid burning the chicken keema. You may sub the mustard oil with any cooking oil you want to. Raw garlic definitely has a different taste to ginger which has been cooked into the dish in the early stages.
I went for the freshest ingredients I could get, and I’m sure it made a big difference.

One final note regarding the ginger in this recipe. Drain well and set aside. Another thing worth mentioning about karahi dishes is that often, they use a lot of oil. Add bay leaves, whole back cardamom, and black peppercorns to the pan.

With Chicken Liver – Add some chopped chicken liver and make Keema Kaleji. This is totally optional but if hath ka keema is available to you I definitely recommend it. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I thought it was about time I let you know lol! Cook the chicken mince over medium heat. Your email address will not be published. Set a skillet or kadai over medium heat. This is a beautiful and flavoursome curry that is perfect to serve guests or or as a special treat for yourself and your family. Once warm add onions and green chilies and saute until onion is softened. This is one of my husband’s favourite dishes. Drain well and set aside. And to be quite fair, I do agree with him. You’ll notice that the process of bhuna will make the onion + spices mixtures dark in color. In that’s case, add homemade tomato paste before you add the spice powders & fry well until oil oozes out. This authentic Chicken Keema matar recipe turns out perfectly every time thanks to a few simple family tricks, and they are-. Serve with warm fluffy rotis and a side of some cool Raita.V. Get the recipe here.

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