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तिल-तिल काटो चाहि, गोदो अंग कटार (रैदास रामायण), संत रैदास पर हो रहे अत्याचारों के प्रतिउत्तर में चंवर वंश के क्षत्रियों ने दिल्ली को घेर लिया | इससे भयभीत हो सिकन्दर लोदी को संत रैदास को छोड़ना पड़ा था | संत रैदास का यह दोहा देखिए :-, बादशाह ने वचन उचारा | मत प्यारा इसलाम हमारा || Sikhs helped DC of Amritsar to catch these revolutionaries and more than 300 were burried alive in AJNALA near Amritsar. Get rid of the caste system, because all chamars like me & my family will still not get the benefits as the jatts do! Plz add in list. Thanks. When I was at high school the girls found out I was an charmer I was treated very mean and they made sure I new…until i said get over yourself…so don’t anyone tell you what your are…be pure in your heart x. bahanchod ne aadhe surname to jatt ke daal rakhe hai jaise sandhu,singhmar ,singh, sidhu,bal etc. He is a pharmacist by profession.Thanks, Kya asa nahen ho sakta hai ki all over india sabhe chammaron ka ak he sername ho jissa hum ak doosre ko pahichan sake hum kiyon alag 2 sarname k chakkar mai padan. You should be ashamed of your self for calling yourself a Sharma as you are not worthy of being in a human body with that evil soul of yours.

Guru Gobind Singh even banned to add any caste after last name as Singh.

I’m pretty sure what they meant is not to ever think of yourself superior to someone else based on caste and always treat them like a brother.

In fact Hindu is no religion.

What I know I like to share with the world.

many dalit people sacrifice their lives for sikh religion not only jatts.

here we understand father is same chandal half brahman is lower to khatri who is half akshtriya that is wrong since in hindu akshtriya is lower to brahman . More more brahmins are getting poorer and some even resorted to the jobs that chamars did.

The Guru decided that. Oh bhai jyaada matt uchal apni caste(chakar) ko lekar.

Surnames represent you’re heritage and blood but you people acting like you’re from those families when you’re not.

You are so primitive. Recognize the Lord’s Light within all, and do not consider social class or status; there are no classes or castes in the world hereafter. I urge all Chamars to take Amrit, it is the only way we will wholly be accepted not just by Jatts, but by society as a whole. SO GOTRA IS IMPORTANT NOT CASTE .

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Behan Ke yaar agar ek baap ka hai to apna pta de and Kaam bta kaya karna hai Tu….. Dekhta hoon kitni akali hai tujhmein…….. It was only a few decades ago that YOUR jatt sikh ancestors were beating and killing chamars for entering your sikh temples. add ‘ralmil’ surname of chamar , its found in doaba .and have jathere at panjour village hoshiarpur. ?..PLZ DO REPLY ITS REALLY URGENT. I don’t believe that the ‘upper caste’ are to blame. Plenty of Farmland owned in Nakodar region of Punjab. “Pora taan maan rakho guru di shana da”

They recognised that the untouchables had suffered a lot over many centuries untold and it was time to integrate them into the fabric of the Indian society, which is why untouchability was outlawed. Gurav. please include more chamars surnames like: Bassan, Loach, Choor, Karloopia, Shivgotra, Bangotra, Kalsi, Angural, Thapa, Dabi, Dalia, Attri, Dhupad, Langeh. do you know about Baba Ram Singh Ji. Origins of the Lakha Surname. Discovering the country from which your Lakha ancestors originated can often yield additional clues for the meaning of the surname. Sahota and Gill are chura/valmiki names also. Plz.

chamars are kings of India…pheron be to iserali jati ko bye gulam bnaye rakha…Indians were slaves of mugula then of Englishmen Hi, I am looking for a chamar girl for my brother, 28years old. Being overtly proud of your caste is pointless. . Hey…can u please tell me the history of birdi surname.. Please go and purify yourself, as is expected of you, with cows shit and wash yourself and your mouth with cows urine since you have been contact with chamar website.

Chopde. You are majority in India, use democarcy and the democratic process to take controll and destroy the 5000 year system which still permeates India. You make out as if she should be rewarded for marrying a chamar! Hello, i am very glad to see this site. thanx…. It has a excellent dejudder handling and may well concerning connectivity having four HDMI inputs and then a PC input whether or not it lacking in an S-video source.Samsung PN50B850Samsung at the same time produces terrific Plasma HDTVs for instance the Samsung PN50B850, which features excellent display quality on the anti-reflective FilterBright -panel, along with limited number of cool options. Soni are Khatri which belongs to general caste and upper caste, Where is Daroch ,bains ,janjua ,bansal,bhatia,etc, I am Balmiki, we are respectable as chamars. Your comments are based not on any empirical facts or evidence but on ignorance and and prejudice and resentment towards our people and you know it too.Then you go on to say being ‘a chumar or choora’ now means ‘it is a licence to print money’ from corruption and thus has increased corruption. Waheguruji ka khalsa waheguruji ki fateh. (Line 2.

The shameful thing is that the ravidassia community practice these so called rituals by making idols of Bhagat Ravidas Ji and photos of him wearing a tikha on his forehead. Whoever made this doesn’t know anything bout last names. Please all those of you contributing to the website search you hearts and minds and work for better humanity and not promote a thousands years old system and come out into the new 21st century. If Sh. so it is not caste ,color,race but deeds are to be considered for evaluating a person if u really wishing welfare of humanity as a whole.

have any one used mind y RAVAN serial was stoped .

So let no one get deceived and do a thorough investigation before you get deceived by them!

Yes fair enough i accept that by marrying out of caste she is obviously not castist. (Guru Granth Sahib Ji, Page1330).

Kash does not know nor understand the reasons why reservation was enshrined in the Indian constitution, by the Father and Chief Architect of the Indian constitution, Dr BR Ambedkar, the most and best educated person in India at the time, approved by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and Jawhar Lal Nehru amongst others and finally by the Indian Parliament in 1952.

In India everyone is now treated more or less equally and the caste system is not as dominant as it used to be. These rivers were JHELUM, SATLUJ, GANGES, NARMADA, GODAVRI , KRISHNA-KAUVERI and BRAHAM PUTRA. Sorry Mr singh ji Hari Ram, IAS and his younger brother HR Ganger, IAS. They should rectify their own position before giving public judgement. Also Sahota & Sandhu are common surnames amongst chamar & Jatt. I need someone to shoot, direct, arrange, edit my Music Videos. Are you kidding bro ?

The caste system has held back India for centuries untold.


If you want to know How can city directories be used to help my Lakha research?, then read this frequently asked question. Bains summan sandhu sahota are definitely jatt names.


I ll be really thankful if u ll answer my query..plz make it fast its really urgent ..please, yes,NAR is a sub caste of chamars. It’s 2013 people. Understood. The problem with the jatts, from my experience of dealing with them as friends, is that they are often poorly educated on the subject and don’t know that quite a lot of the surnames in the Punjab cut across castes. .

so don’t hate/abuse in the name of CASTE/VARNA by birth which poison in ur food / peace has been claverly put by shirkers to keep ALIVE brahminism causing great HARM to each n every one .

Gali Gali Se Ayi Awaaz, Jai Ravidass, Jai Ravidass! Also understand Aryan tribes from Brahmins to Jutts or Shudras have always been very traditional and protective of their system as they migrated from west Asia , even Rajput and other Juts who became Muslims were alienated and Brahmins , jatts (even Sikhs) and other Hindus would never eat in their homes.. this practice was used as recent as 1947 .

te nale hun asi apne aap nu kattar chamar dasde aa. This is the basics you should know and understand.

It is available on weekly ajit published from Missisugga canada. Jai Rajputana, .

However, If you or your ancesters were outcasted like many chamars from higher castes for infringment of caste rules and retained your surname and has been used by your family since time immomorial then you are a chamar like everybody else here. i never heard too many surnames in punjab which belongs to dalit community.Are people like to hide their surnames as they know they belong to lower caste nobody will make them freinds or get talk with them.But if it is like that people from lower caste needs to come forward and tell there surnames proudly and if they ask tell them you are ravidassia sikh.

Insaniyat ae.. I dont believe in caste but I try to love everyone. hahahah you can also add Sethi although its so called upper caste khatri(hindu +Sikh surname) .


Their main population was settled in the lower Sind, especially in the region of Brahmanabad (Mansura); Lohana (round the Brahmanabad) with their two territories Lakha, to the west of Lohana and Samma, to the south of Lohana; Nerun (modern Hyderabad); Dahlilah; Roar and Deybal. gotra carried from father. Please stand up so we can make changes and no discrimination based on caste system in th UK. they were very educated and had read the religous scriptures of the Brahmins and they were unhappy about what they had read.

This is a contradiction in terms. FIR should be made to POLICE against this person. Tell a ‘slave he is a slave and he will revolt’. Please tell me which category do Samplay’s belong to..?? or area, If we study the Varna system carefully it would be revealed that originally there were only four varnas. Jatts cannot rest until they find out what caste another sikh belongs to. please also add Bhatoa ,as it is a chamar surname.

You think us backward?

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