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For Americans: before investing in international stocks please read this very good Vanguard doc about it. I would have performed better just investing in S&P500!”, That’s because US outperformed the rest of the world during last 5 years.

Didn’t consider VEVE while researching for this post. Btw, if your desired US stock allocation today is 50-55%, i.e. There’s two types: Passive and Active Canada covered by third pillar? 2020 per 31.10.20, II. as well as the general legal terms Factors are key drivers of portfolio risk and return. information is provided exclusively for personal use. Source:; As of 31.10.20; Calculations in EUR including dividends. thanks Alex! You can, my friend. High volatility, high risks, very speculative. My bet is that high yield stocks are undervalued and they’ll comeback in the near future. The fund selection will be adapted to your selection.

91% of the market caps of publicly traded companies come from Developed countries. I mean… not good! Cookie declaration | The product information provided on the Web site may refer to products that Let’s say you’re a classical US investor who wants to invest in US stocks plus “International stocks”, like if the entire world except US is just “international”. Copyright MSCI 2013. Yes, I know, value investing is not dividend investing…, I know, I’m trying to be smarter than the dead investor. Should you invest in ETFs? Anyway, this is a micro-optimization – which is welcome – but remember to focus first on your risk assessment, mental training, long term plan and so on. Thirdly, is there any good reason that this ETF is not –> RIP Recommended – UltraLazy?? Probably each country’s weight in the index is proportional to the country market cap, and each stock is also market cap weighed in the index, right? That’s why second strategy makes more sense if you want to be a smart beta investor (don’t try). I should point you to this post of mine: (only available in German) and our data privacy rules A good ETF list is worth its weight in gold. Other institutional investors whose main activity is not recorded by those stated above. your internal use, may not be reproduced or redisseminated in any form and may However they can invest in any number of sectors. Secondly, is there any reason that you choose the one that is listed in the London Stock Exchange in USD currency and not the VWRL which is listed in the SIX Swiss Exchange in CHF currency? at users for whom there are no legal restrictions on the purchase of such products. Someone copied my portfolio and got blasted on MustachianPost forum. Press |

Anyway, for the ultra lazy folks, level 0 laziness strategy is: just pick a world ETF and invest all your stock-allocated money there.

I have read and accepted the Privacy Policy *. I’m doing a lot of research and I’m broadening my knowledge on passive investing by orders of magnitude. The information on the products listed on this Web site is aimed exclusively organisations that securitise assets and other financial transactions. In the Emerging Markets we find another bucket of 24 countries. My cash today 30%, waiting for a better timing (mistake, I know). This Web site is not aimed at US citizens. EAFE stays for “Europe, Australasia and the Far East”. I picked indices for no specific reason and I’m going to stick with it , Let’s dig into what I learned, found, discovered, personally picked, and recommend to you . Again, to try to “beat the market” with smart beta techniques (i.e. “Wait… you missed a zero. or other consulting questions, nor should investments or other decisions be

It’s 0 additional fees and 0 extra trading to be done. ETF And the future is now. This is an awesome strategy for everyone, actually. the entire risk of any use made of this information. supervisory—especially sales—law). More and more people each year look to spend less time picking stocks, and more time buying ETFs which let the ETF managers pick the stocks for you and give you exposure to an entire index, like the SP500 for example. More and more people each year look to spend less time picking stocks, and more  time buying ETFs which let the ETF managers pick the stocks for you and give you exposure to an entire index, like the SP500 for example. Anyway, there are alternatives to VT but they don’t seem to be as good as VT. iShares alternatives are laughable. Interactive Brokers: thanks Brexit, screw you! According to many practitioners it definitely is, according to few experts (Big ERN among them) it is not – it’s actually worse. You already influenced me on my ETF and push me to learn more.

Not bad! Developed or ACWI doesn’t matter much. Here is the really real world!” (+ another 20-35 countries). Currently, the MSCI USA index is tracked by 12 ETFs. The non IMI options (ACWX for ACWI excluding US and EFA for developed excluding US) have unmotivated high TERs. You’re welcome Alex! What is the explanation? Why invest in ETFs? Almost everyone who invests these days thinks they are a good investment. Don't get caught up in the short term gain as they are not meant to be short term vehicles for trading.

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