picture me rollin lyrics kendrick

Do I cop a pound of kush, Promethazine or push some E? Cloud nine, where ya can find me and my dime, Like Roosevelt in his prime, wait till I'm in my prime, The moon and the stars will align on my Louis V. belt like Orion, But the irony is I can hold the bottom of an iron, I say so much so lil, all action, no talk, It's not all about punchlines, I don't do that, I'm a jaguar, ya just a new cat, now move back, Aiming fo' the top like an AR aimed at yo neck, I can neva digress ‘less I get demoted to death, Even then I’ll be the best still like a petty theft, Once ya open the cage, I bet that I’ll spread my wings, Nipsey got street cred, Jay Rock got street cred, And all I got is bad credit, big ears and big head, But still they’ll feel me cuz we all ate cereal, Humped the momma friend daughter while they bump the stereo, Back flips on shoppin' carts, free lunch at the park, Watched Power Rangers after school, here we go, I’m so Comptonized, I will neva compromise, We ain't what ya think and ya think we back, But we been here fo' decades and I vouch fo' that, Speak well like a great debater ova iChat, So don’t feel sorry fo' me, I don’t need y’all to love me, And if ya feeling froggy to leap, then feel free, My feeling’s all aside, my pride is deprived, By the ultimate prize I'm a get when I see yo suicide, Two dope boys, we roll deep, everybody gather yo seats, We going to cloud nine, we coming back in a week, Only the strong permitted to ride and test drive, One of a kind like great antiques museums buy, Haters, I tell 'em, 'Hi', enemies, I don't tell 'em shit but puta.

Mic check, Ali

My, s your life about?

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Homie, don't you get that, partner, keep on rollin' baby you know what time it ... is We are using cookies to provide statistics that help us give you the best experience of our site. at. Are you ready?! Wake me up I take a sip of ... did, that's all he want from me ... .. Freedom, cut me loose!

2 Pac Picture Me Rollin Ft Kendrick Lamar lyrics. Uh, I used to to ... with? Lord forgive me, I've been running

Oh, ... up?

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