what is the message of the book of nahum

The Scroll of the Twelve, or in the Christian tradition, what are referred to as the “Minor Prophets,” are not intended to be read in isolation of one another, but rather as a unified whole.... Hi I’m Support Bot!

Explore the connection between God's space and our space in Heaven & Earth. Explore key biblical words in both Hebrew and Greek. But while God defeats evil, he is also good and cares for the innocent. The Lord will make an end of the adversaries of those who take refuge in him (Nahum 1:7-8). Explore the generous love of God in the Bible. Videos and overviews for every book of the New Testament. Explore the meaning of the word gospel in the Bible.

Learn more about the Holy Spirit in the Bible. While Nahum's message, in its direct teaching, appears to be less spiritual and ethical than that of his predecessors, it sets in a clear light Yahweh's sway over the whole universe, and emphasizes the duty of nations as well as of individuals to own His sway and obey His will. Nahum first provides a larger picture of God and his dealing with evil. (Nahum 1:2-3). Nahum is the seventh of the Minor Prophets, the last 12 books of the Old Testament. In a Nahum 1:2-3, 5,  Nahum poetically describes God’s character: “The LORD is avenging and wrathful; Log in, The Divinely-Given Role of Civil Government, Our Bodies as Instruments of Righteousness, During the reign of Ashurbanipal – last great ruler of the empire; Assyria was at its peak, Some time after No-amon (Thebes) in Egypt was overthrown (3:8), Nineveh would fall around 607 BC – the Babylonians would rise to power after them, This is how the book opens (1:2) – prophesied of the destruction of Nineveh (2:8); God would be behind their overthrow (1:14; 2:13), Very different theme from the book of Jonah – a gracious and compassionate God (Jonah 4:2); Jonah warned of Nineveh’s overthrow (Jonah 3:4); but Nineveh repented (Jonah 3:5-10); God did not punish them, God did not change and His expectation of these people did not change – since their repentance was not enduring, He would bring about their destruction, The Lord is slow to anger (1:3) – again, this was approximately 150 years after Jonah; several generations had passed (cf. The book of Habakkuk offers hope to people living in an evil world. His word came in visions, oracles, dreams, parables, and the like. Nahum's message is that God is committed to justice and will not allow any arrogant, violent, or evil nation to endure forever.

Explore what it means to live as exiles in our world today. Book of Nahum was written for the decline of Assyria sometime between 660-620 B.C, merely before their downfall at the hands of the Babylonians and almost 150 years after the events in the book of Jonah. An introduction for how to read the Bible well. “. This is good news for God’s people. The goal is to (1) understand the overall theme of each book and (2) see what lessons there are for us. Read Scripture. God had used foreign kings to judge Israel, but now He would restore them. Babylonian soldiers and chariots attack Nineveh. “Though I have afflicted you, I will afflict you no more” (Nahum 1:12). Or how many of you know which two books it comes between? While injustice built the system that made Assyria successful, its violence will also bring about its destruction.

“For the LORD is restoring the majesty of Jacob as the majesty of Israel” (Nahum 2:2). Explore the theme of sacrifice and atonement in the Bible. Discover the bibilcal story through the theme of the temple. Moreover, you could watch an introductory video of The Bible Project: In our five Read Scripture courses, we offer introductions on every single Bible book. If you are interested in learning more about the book of Nahum, the best thing to do, of course, is to read it for yourself.

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