when to use state management

In applications hosting many users, this can occupy significant server resources and affect scalability.

Client Side state management does not use any server resource , it store information using client side option. The original server processing requests for a user may become unavailable when the user attempts to reconnect. Let's see the Global.asax file. With prerendering enabled, an error is generated explaining that JavaScript interop calls cannot be issued because the component is being prerendered. Persistence cookies are permanently stored till the time you set. Control level: In ASP.NET, by default controls provide state management automatically. The ASP.NET profile feature provides a generic storage system that allows you to define and maintain almost any kind of data while still making the data available in a type-safe manner. A session variable will expire after 10 minutes (if it is idle).

An overview of state management techniques in ASP.NET. He has worked with all the .NET framework and good exposure in Web and Windows based development using Microsoft Technology. Generally, maintain state across circuits where users are actively creating data, not simply reading data that already exists. View state is maintained as a hidden field in the page.

Hidden field is a control provided by ASP.NET which is used to store small amounts of data on the client. Also, leveraging too many queries to the database can adversely affect server performance. Generally, sessionStorage is safer to use. Use when you are transferring small amounts of information from one page to another and security is not an issue. For example, placing a commonly used, relatively static dataset in application state can increase site performance by reducing the overall number of data requests to a database. Simple implementation   ASP.NET provides full support for the query-string method, including methods of reading query strings using the Params property of the HttpRequest object. Platform scalability   Profile properties can be used in both multi-computer and multi-process configurations, therefore optimizing scalability scenarios. Because Blazor WebAssembly apps run entirely in the user's browser, they require additional measures to access secure external systems, such as storage services and databases. View state has serialization built-in, and it stores data in hidden fields. Using session state without cookies, however, requires that the session identifier be placed in the query string, which is subject to the security issues stated in the query string section of this topic. The information in the hidden field can be seen if the page output source is viewed directly, creating a potential security issue. Widespread support   Almost all browsers and client devices support using query strings to pass values.

You can store your application-specific values in application state, which is then managed by the server.

Data mining   Information about your site usage, your visitors, or your product transactions can be reliably stored in a database. Because the maximum amount can vary with different firewall and proxy implementations, large hidden fields can be sporadically problematic. You can store your session-specific values and objects in session state, which is then managed by the server and available to the browser or client device.

Generally, sessionStorage is safer to use.sessionStorage avoids the risk that a user opens multiple tabs and encounters the following:.

Data stored in the application should be of small size. Microsoft.AspNetCore.ProtectedBrowserStorage is an unsupported, experimental package unsuitable for production use. For example, it is common for an e-commerce Web site to maintain state information by using a relational database for the following reasons: The following are typical features of a cookie-supported database Web site: Security   The visitor types an account name and password into a site logon page. To disable prerendering, open the Pages/_Host.cshtml file and change the render-mode attribute of the Component Tag Helper to Server: Prerendering might be useful for other pages that don't use localStorage or sessionStorage.

You must take steps when developing the app to implement stateful data persistence. It is on by default to maintain state data on controls. State management option. In larger, more realistic apps, storage of individual fields is an unlikely scenario. Platform scalability   Session state can be used in both multi-computer and multi-process configurations, therefore optimizing scalability scenarios. Whenever we develop a custom control and want to preserve some information, we can use view state but suppose view state is disabled explicitly by the user, the control will not work as expected. How long do you need to store the information? For example, your business development department might want to use the data collected from your site to determine next year's product line or distribution policy. For details about creating and reading cookies, see ASP.NET Cookies Overview.

Let us see with a simple example how to use a hidden field. The package is only available for use in ASP.NET Core 3.1 Blazor Server apps. Accessibility   The data stored in your database is accessible to a wide variety of information-processing tools.

OnInitializedAsync is only called once when the component is first instantiated. The user's state is held in the server's memory in a circuit. Data persistence   Database information can be stored as long as you like, and it is not subject to the availability of the Web server. For more information, see ASP.NET State Management Overview. Cookies are often used for personalization, where content is customized for a known user. To recover the currentCount data if the user returns to the Counter component later, including if they're on an entirely new circuit, use ProtectedSessionStore.GetAsync: If the component's parameters include navigation state, call ProtectedSessionStore.GetAsync and assign the result in OnParametersSetAsync, not OnInitializedAsync. Query strings provide a simple but limited way of maintaining some state information.

Reliability   Because control state cannot be turned off like view state, control state is a more reliable method for managing the state of controls. Either disable prerendering or add additional code to work with prerendering.

Use when you need to store small amounts of information for a page that will post back to itself.

Your engineering and support departments might want to look at transactions and note areas where your purchasing process could be improved.

This mode should be used when reliability is more important than performance. In the example we try to save the number of postbacks on button click. First override the OnInit() method of the control and add a call for the Page.RegisterRequiresControlState() method with the instance of the control to register. In any component that requires loading or saving data to browser storage, use the @inject directive to inject an instance of either of the following: The choice depends on which browser storage location you wish to use. The site grants access to the user. Non-Persistence Cookie: Non persistence cookies are not permanently stored on the user client hard disk folder. Additionally, profile properties can be persisted across multiple processes, such as in a Web farm or a Web garden. There are two ways, the first one is: Let's understand persistence and non persistence cookies more clearly with a diagram: Limitation of cookies: The number of cookies allowed is limited and varies according to the browser. For more information, see Performance Overview. State management means to preserve state of a control, web page, object/data, and user in the application explicitly because all ASP.NET web applications are stateless, i.e., by default, for each page posted to the server, the state of controls is lost. Since the session values are stored in server, whenever server is restarted the session values will be lost.

However, the lack of intuitive and effective solutions when it comes to React state management has been a recurring problem and this led to the rise of Facebook’s new state management library, Recoil. How to get and set a value in the application object: There are three types of events in ASP.NET.

To store multiple values, you must implement delimited strings and the code to parse those strings. Session state data can then be stored in a custom data format in a variety of data storage mechanisms, such as a database, an XML file, or even to a Web service. Examples of user state modeled in the URL include: The contents of the browser's address bar are retained if the user manually reloads the page. To preserve state across browser sessions, the app must persist the data to some other storage location than the browser's memory. You can manually encrypt and decrypt the contents of a hidden field, but doing so requires extra coding and overhead.

The source of the hidden field control is.

In the following example of a CounterStateProvider component, counter data is persisted to sessionStorage: The CounterStateProvider component handles the loading phase by not rendering its child content until loading is complete. If a user experiences a temporary network connection loss, Blazor attempts to reconnect the user to their original circuit with their original state.

Hidden fields may be dangerous: Even though they are not rendered as GUI elements, a user can change the value by editing the HTML. Size limitations   Most browsers place a 4096-byte limit on the size of a cookie, although support for 8192-byte cookies is becoming more common in newer browser and client-device versions. This article does an overview of state management techniques in ASP.NET.

Performance considerations   Because hidden fields are stored in the page itself, storing large values can cause the page to slow down when users display it and when they post it. Your marketing department might want to examine demographic information about users on your site. Thanks. Non Persistence cookies are useful for public computers. Can you add a little note about this fact? Application event is written in a special file called Global.asax. Variables stored in application state are global only to the particular process the application is running in, and each application process can have different values. As is true for any HTTP-based technology, Web Forms pages are stateless, which means that they do not automatically indicate whether the requests in a sequence are all from the same client or even whether a single browser instance is still actively viewing a page or site. Performance considerations   Because the view state is stored in the page itself, storing large values can cause the page to slow down when users display it and when they post it.

Typically, sites have information in the database that describes the preferences of a user (identified by a unique ID).

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