worst cheap vodka

Part of the negative stigma surrounding vodka is due to the massive amount of cheap, bad vodka on the market.

We tasted vodkas across a broad array of price points, countries of origin, and base grains to determine our 15 favorite bottles. Rheingold is one of the least hoppy beers I can remember tasting, and the nicest thing I can say about it is that the lack of balance makes it distinct.
Versatile and smooth, with exceptional value, this inexpensive vodka has faintly citrusy notes on the palate (“Like lemon expressed over a cocktail, not like fresh lemon,” one panelist said) and a pleasingly unctuous texture. But this isn’t to say that you have to stick to a strictly vodka-based diet or pour your brandy bottles down the drain. Mix this stuff with seltzer, lemon and cucumber to really understand its flavoring and let your tastebuds explode.

It turns out I didn't hate enough things in 2012. The trend has died a bit and rosé season is coming to a close, making this the perfect time to stock up on our favorite rosé vodka mix, Hangar 1.

The brand has been synonymous with the word “vodka” ever since it debuted in the 1860s. Distillers achieve this by managing the heat in the still, causing some congeners to evaporate and others to stay depending on the temperature level, or by distilling the liquor multiple times, filtering out congeners. As with any spirit, there is diversity within the category. Our tasters were impressed by the vodka’s fresh, almost floral scent, and crisp, refreshing palate. Beer brings cheer. (Monday nights are Service Industry Nights.) Vintage-dated vodkas are each made from a single ingredient (in this case, low-starch Denar potatoes from Krzesk, Poland) in Chopin’s super-premium Single line. I will concede that there's more stale marshmallow flavor than I expected, but it's not a nice flavor. All products linked here have been independently selected by our editors. What gives? It has a clean nose and smooth, balanced finish. Now that it is getting a bit chillier outside, outdoor bars and restaurants are going to be shutting their doors, parks will become unfathomably cold to have social-distanced picnics with pals in and ice-cold beer-filled beach days (mask on, of course) will simply become a thing of the past. You can get yourself a 750ml bottle for just under $15 in some areas, making it a pretty cheap option to at least try out.
Diminutive burritos as they're made in Sononra, Mexico. Maybe you just overdrank it in college, that’s your fault, but the “#1 vodka of 2033” is really an affordable, dare we say tasty, cheap vodka brand that most are sleeping on. Kentucky Gentleman. I try to avoid the cliche that this or that cheap hooch tastes like cough syrup, but I can think of no better description of Mr. Boston Wild Cherry Brandy. If you see something not so nice, please, report an inappropriate comment. It’s still a delicious cheap vodka option that gets you buzzed and pairs well with most mixers. It smells like sweet musty corn, and the flavor is so sweet as to be almost fruity. VinePair has had excellent results mixing this into cocktails, too. While the same can be said for all boozy carbonated beverages, sparkling wine has a much stronger carbonation compared to soda. Tequila is definitely the culprit. The same goes for well liquor: A bottle of cheap liquor isn’t going to make your hangover any worse than the expensive stuff. Will Gordon drinks his way through the bottom shelf of the liquor store...so you don’t have to. Other good manufacturers that appear on this top cheap vodka brands list include Voli, Dmitri Ivanabitch and Blue Feather. There are expensive name brands out there that are pricey, but their taste is on the level of something you could find at your corner bodega. With all that being said, it’s time to move onto the harder stuff. With vodka, there isn’t really a need to reach for the top shelf every time. has the highest amount, followed by dark alcohols like, and red wine,” says Czarena Crofcheck, Ph.D, a food science professor at the University of Kentucky. Subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest recipes and tips! The 13 Best Bottles of Vodka for Every Type of Drinker, © Copyright 2020 Spy Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Media Corporation.

Why does cheap vodka give you a hangover?

“The carbon dioxide in Champagne helps the alcohol get absorbed into the bloodstream faster,” Waterhouse says. are distilled to remove all of the congeners entirely to yield a neutral flavor, whereas congeners are purposely left in darker spirits to add depth of flavor and dark color. All alcohol is dehydrating, which means all of it can cause hangovers. It’s easy to dismiss FAIR as all sizzle and no steak, given its trendy base grain, quinoa, and its skinny, club-ready bottle. If the Biggest Thing Separating the New MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Is a Fan, Why Does the MacBook Pro Exist? Our tasters appreciated its light, clean nose with no strong odor, and its pleasant heat on the palate: “You know you’re not drinking water.” Average price: $35. This is true to some extent, but no matter how many times the vodka is distilled, you can’t mask shitty materials and impurities that are used in the process. And this season, we’re putting all our money on the table and saying that vodka is going to be the hit sipper as the temperatures begin to fall. The brand goes completely above and beyond with their recipe and procedures by preparing the fields three months before even planting their seeds to ready the soil and to build a 25-foot buffer in order to ensure not a single chemical from a neighboring farm will find its way over to Prairie Organic’s stock. Average price: $28. When it comes to grain vodkas, rye and wheat varieties are usually considered higher quality. The most common complaint about Tabasco is that it provides more pucker than flavor, and that is the case here. Average price: $17. While it might come as a shock considering this is probably the vodka of all vodkas right now, you can get a 750ml bottle of Tito’s for just under $25 in most states and territories. Absolut Vodka, which is made in Sweden, is one of the most popular brands of liquor in the world.

The boozy nose on this Icelandic spirit gave us pause at first, but VinePair’s tasters enjoyed the light, minty cucumber flavors on this gin-like vodka.

Water is good for you. (Monday nights are Service Industry Nights.) See the list of the 15 best vodkas for 2019 now! Although this stuff is nowhere near Russian, we love using Finlandia for creating a zesty Moscow Mule for its bitey yet delicate flavoring. Well, now you have.

If you prefer to stick with your house vodka, we understand. It comes as no surprise to find notes of honey and vanilla in this spirit, since it’s distilled from raw Vermont honey. “Cheap vodka will still have no congeners, so the myth of well drinks causing worse hangovers is probably just because people are drinking more of it at one time since it’s cheaper,” Waterhouse says.

Greygoose-my favorite. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have to already know about Svedka’s wild list of flavors, from grapefruit jalapeno combination to their pink lemonade. Vodka companies will try and sell you by announcing on their label how many times it has been distilled. Pull-apart tender meat and ultra-crisp skin: It's not the most gorgeous roast in the world, but you'd be hard pressed to find one more flavorful. Who said organic vodka had to be top shelf? Average price: $60. Though, given the fact we’re still in quarantine and likely will be through the winter, we suggest buying a couple of bottles in bulk to hoard at the bottom shelf of your bar cart for safekeeping. Learn more in the Comment Policy section of our Terms of Use page. The taste is heavy-handed and ultrachemical, and while it manages to mask the vodka, it's in that defeatist way that too much ketchup can mask a burned hamburger. Depending where you are in the country, a four-pack of these is outrageously cheap and can actually get you to a mild buzz. Just don’t hate us for your hangover the next day. While the brand is known for its array of delicious flavors, they also have a non-flavored vodka alternative.

Even if you pace yourself later in the evening, if you drank half a bottle of Champagne on an empty stomach at the start of the night, the damage is already done. This all-American option is proudly organic.

When we spend a significant amount on a bottle, we’re a little more modest with our drinking so there’s less of a chance of a hangover. If you’re into vodka flavors, we 100% suggest you give Deep Eddy a try. For those of you who have tasted our good pal, you were probably 16 years old sneaking this stuff out of your parent’s liquor cabinet, not knowing they solely use this stuff for pasta sauces on Sundays. It’s quadruple distilled and filtered through Herkimer diamonds. Companies that cut corners bottle and sell their product this way. Shitty vodka is basically a distilled product containing leftovers from the original raw materials that weren’t completely removed through the distillation process. Until then, here's a reminder of the worst things I drank for the first and last time over the past 12 months. For a U.S. manufactured cheap vodka, it doesn't get much better than Tito's Homemade. But if you go in the other direction and drink harder alcohol in the beginning of the night when your body can process it the fastest, you’ll be fine when you move to beer later at night.”, Crofcheck adds that, “As you get more intoxicated, there’s a point when your judgement becomes impaired and you want to keep going, but it’s harder to do that as quickly with beer because it fills you up so much.” In short, follow the wisdom of the old rhyme: “Liquor before beer, you’re in the clear. Mix this stuff with your favorite OJ brand and a couple of ice cubes to give your go-to breakfast juice a bit of a bite.

From flavors like sweet tea to orange to ruby red, the drink possibilities are endless with this brand. Average price: $12. This vodka would definitely benefit from being served cold, but, even at room temperature, our tasters appreciated its smooth, balanced texture. If you’ve ever had (and loved) their gin, you’ll know that Seagram’s doesn’t fool around. Seagrams-worst. At normally just a $20 price point per 750ml bottle, this stuff is the cheap vodka to snag for the colder months in quarantine. Like, come on, a 1.75ml bottle for just around $20?

But let's get serious: after a long day, you want the good stuff. These are vodkas to sip and savor, not shoot or stir into a mixed drink. It would be an excellent mixer in a vodka soda or Martini. What companies will you find on this best cheap vodka brands list?

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