Community Acupuncture Clinic

November 26

SUNDAY 1:00 – 5:00PM

Walk in to Wellness!

Orcas Mandala Yoga Studio will host a Community Acupuncture Clinic on Sundays with Danielle Dyer of Heal~Flow Acupuncture. Treatments will be based in Japanese constitutional acupuncture, which seeks to treat our root imbalances through fewer needles and gentle techniques.

Danielle Dyer’s style as a practitioner is rooted in touch. She uses information gathered from the pulse, tongue, channels and abdomen to make sure the treatment is right for your body and the moment. She also incorporate other forms of touch healing such as Reiki and bodywork in the community clinic.


Treatments will be sliding scale $20-50. No appointment necessary.

Greetings from Panacea, my sailboat that carried me to Orcas Island last November. I arrived here with a mission! After years of constant study, I finally got to leave the city, Masters in Acupuncture in hand, to share my love of Chinese medicine through my business, Heal~Flow Acupuncture.

My vision is to broaden the scope of acupuncture beyond the office and into the daily lives of people and communities. My mission is to make Chinese Medicine accessible by offering sliding scale pricing and mobile services. I feel blessed and honored to call these islands my new home and to offer my skills and my heart to this community.

Danielle Dyer
(458) 205-9450

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Voice of Truth Workshop

Sunday, November 19

11:00am – 6:00pm

“By learning to understand shame and judgement, we can begin to speak our individual and honest truth. We then replace fear with Love and welcome a deeper sense of trust in ourselves and one another.

Through motivational speaking, group exercises and guided meditation, Katie will offer new perspectives and an exciting glimpse into a life with vocal freedom”.

As women, we hold the power of the World in our wombs and the ability to birth life through our bodies.
Yet, we are trained to feel weak, small & shameful.

We silently withold our truths and experiences from one another for fear of being judged. We compete with one another rather than support one another. We put on a strong exterior so as to stay safe.
Safe from what??

What if there was enough honesty and trust to speak our truth and truly connect with one another?

What if we made the commitment to choose love instead of fear?

I believe in this birthing of the true and wild woman.

10:45 – 11am – arrival
11am – 1pm – Workshop
1p – 2pm – break for lunch
2pm – 6pm – Workshop
*Some changes may be made

PRICE: By Donation

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A Thanks Giving Practice with CHRISTINE COMITO
November 23

9:30 – 11:00am

Yoga for GratitudeWith a thankful heart, we celebrate the beautiful and dedicated Sangha (community) we have on Orcas Island. Join Christine, Thanksgiving morning, in a special Gratitude Mandala Flow. In community we will open our space and hearts to all visitors, family & friends and start our day by grounding in the moment.

No Thursday 5:30pm Class!!


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Prajna Yoga Immersions


December 20 – 23, 2017
January 23 – 26, 2018
March 27 – 30, 2018

These 4-day Yoga Immersions will deepen your practice and insight into the internal art of yoga.

Each class is 2 hours from 9:00-11:00am.

Immersions: $80 for 4 classes or $25 per single class.

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