Holistic Lifestyle Consultation

A Holistic Lifestyle Consultation is an amazing gift to give yourself. We all know how difficult it is to change habitual behaviors that do not serve us, and successfully taking actions that support our desire to live a full, abundant and peaceful life!! A lifestyle consultant offers support and reflection that can keep us on track with our goals in life.

Work intimately with Suzi Zobrist to customize a plan of action for your healing path. This is a Lifestyle Commitment designed for those ready to take their Healing to the next level. Services include yoga & bodywork, craniosacral therapy, nutritional consultation, scar tissue remediation, Sacred Ceremony practices and somatic sex education.

Improve Quality of life

  • Decrease Pain Level
  • Cleanse Organs
  • Improve Flexibility
  • Lose Weight
  • Experience more range of Motion & Emotion
  • Feel Amazing!

Plan your personal Holistic Lifestyle Transformation Program.

schedule sessions

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(A 6-Week Example)

This is a time to set intention for your 6-week Lifestyle Transformation commitment.
(30 minutes to 1 hour the first week)

One hour Private Session per week. (1 hour per week)
Two additional classes per week, either at home on your own or at
Orcas Mandala Yoga Studio (2 – 3 hours per week)
Total Yoga per week (3-4 hours)

One 90 minute session per week (1.5 hours per week)
Total Bodywork per week (1.5 hours)

First week Evaluation and Plan (2 hours)
2nd – 6th week (30 minutes per week)

This segment is very individualized. The goal is to clean Colon, Liver and Gallbladder. All of the cleansing is custom and done in a way that is reasonable and realistic for our lifestyles. You will be guided through the entire process and will understand the whys and whats of it all.

10 class card from Orcas Mandala Yoga Studio, all the supplements and supplies for the Organ Cleansing, Weekly check-ins, Personalized Nutrition Plan, and lots of support!

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