“The Body Is My Temple, Asanas Are My Prayers”
BKS Iyengar

Orcas Mandala is Orcas Island’s premiere Yoga & Bodywork Studio located in the heart of Eastsound. Study with inspiring, compassionate Certified Instructors in a variety of yoga styles. We offer Private Yoga and Bodywork Sessions tailored to your needs. Deepen your personal practice or inspire your vacation, wedding, or event with a specialized yoga or bodywork session.

san juan islands yogaOur studio is a community-based healing sanctuary where people of all ages and abilities gather to learn, explore and inspire one another. You will feel welcomed and accepted in our small-town studio by our friendly Teachers and student members.

The Instructors will check in with you at the start of each class for injuries, health issues and to see how you need to be supported in your yoga practice. The Teachers use hands-on assists and will offer specific modifications and adjustments for each issue you are working on in your body and life. You will leave class feeling more grounded in your body, deeply connected to your breath, and with a great sense of accomplishment.

At Orcas Mandala, all of our classes are “All Levels” which allows our skilled Teachers to guide each member of the class on a similar journey, regardless of skill level. The Teachers provide modifications for those who are just starting out or are healing injuries, and up-levels for those students wanting to go further in a pose. We are each encouraged and challenged at our own level. We learn from, inspire, support, and encourage each other in our classes.

Djuna Mascall: Prajna Yoga Senior Teacher from Orcas Video on Vimeo.

The logo was gifted to Suzi Zobrist from her dear friend, Eben Greene of Eben Design in Seattle.
“The logo is about breathing in and expressing love, power and energy. It is a symbol of happiness and growth. It has elements of fire that are also doves flying into the sun at the center. The symbol at the bottom is you, the student, finding abundant soulful power from within and sending that out to the world.”

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