“Beyond all thoughts,
beyond all emotions and physical form,
in the stillness of the silence,
we discover who we really are.”

Wind Hughes

Create Your Own Personal Retreat

A personal retreat is all about you: your schedule, your body, your desires. Perhaps you need a quiet escape from the daily stress of life, a strong physical practice cleansing you from the inside out, a retreat to awaken your creativity, or a therapeutic weekend of self-discovery. No matter what your intention may be, a Personal Retreat can help bring you back to your true nature of bliss.

Take time to relax in the natural beauty of Orcas Island in the San Juans. Wrap yourself in the timeless teachings of Yoga. Unwind your stress with a healing Bodywork Session. Honor your life with a significant ritual or Ceremony.

Perhaps you are asking “What is really important to me? What steps can I take in order to gain inner peace, balance and harmony? How can I lead a joyful and useful life?” Our Personal Retreats will offer tools to lead you on pathways to healthier, happier life experiences.

Customize your Personal Retreat to create exactly what you need for your healing experience.

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“Words cannot truly convey the appreciation and deep gratitude I have for you – for all the time, thought, instruction, and heart you put into designing and facilitating my healing yoga retreat.
The magic you have to make our time together each day safe and loving, so I could allow blocks to come up and be healed, is a specific gift. I value all the tools and your extreme patience and strength in teaching the breath and yoga poses, not to mention the deep work done on the table and the guided meditations. Who knew so much would be revealed to me in just 10-days time!! All of it has just been perfect.”

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Upcoming Retreats

Ignite Your Flames of Pleasure Retreat

A Women’s Retreat (TBD)

group retreatSuzi Zobrist will guide you through Ceremonial practices to reconnect you to your sensuality and pleasure. Explore the mysteries rooted in your sexuality, reawaken and reclaim your sacred womanhood, gather new information on pelvic floor anatomy and learn pranayama practices to entice pleasure into your whole being (not just your genitals). Leave this Weekend Retreat feeling juiced up and on fire to continue stoking the flames of your pleasure. This hands-off, clothes-on Workshop for Women to learn how to turn-on their pleasure is guaranteed to Light Up Your Life!”

YOGA INTENSIVE ~ (2.5 hours)
“Root to the Core of the Pelvic Floor”
Get the juices flowing in your hips and pelvis and learn to take it slow, like good foreplay, to cultivate more ecstatic pleasure and full bodied aliveness in your practice. Work with a pranayama (breath) practice throughout class to turn on your core and lubricate your roots of self-pleasure.

YOGA INTENSIVE ~ (2.5 hours)
“Fire up your Pleasure Centers”
Experience the thrill and visceral joy of feeling pleasurable alive and sensually empowered in your practice. Enjoy a playful and fun Forrest Yoga class to fire up your passion and desire and ignite the flames of pleasure in your life.

“The body is your temple, Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” B.K.S. Iyengar

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