Ignite Your Flames of Pleasure Retreat

A Women’s Retreat (TBD)

group retreatSuzi Zobrist will guide you through Ceremonial practices to reconnect you to your sensuality and pleasure. Explore the mysteries rooted in your sexuality, reawaken and reclaim your sacred womanhood, gather new information on pelvic floor anatomy and learn pranayama practices to entice pleasure into your whole being (not just your genitals). Leave this Weekend Retreat feeling juiced up and on fire to continue stoking the flames of your pleasure. This hands-off, clothes-on Workshop for Women to learn how to turn-on their pleasure is guaranteed to Light Up Your Life!”

YOGA INTENSIVE ~ (2.5 hours)
“Root to the Core of the Pelvic Floor”
Get the juices flowing in your hips and pelvis and learn to take it slow, like good foreplay, to cultivate more ecstatic pleasure and full bodied aliveness in your practice. Work with a pranayama (breath) practice throughout class to turn on your core and lubricate your roots of self-pleasure.

YOGA INTENSIVE ~ (2.5 hours)
“Fire up your Pleasure Centers”
Experience the thrill and visceral joy of feeling pleasurable alive and sensually empowered in your practice. Enjoy a playful and fun Yoga class to fire up your passion and desire and ignite the flames of pleasure in your life.

“The body is your temple, Keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in.” B.K.S. Iyengar