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It will do exceptionally well near waterway and ponds or damp areas. List | production, the horizontal runners take off and cover a lot of distance in

Just to say that the cardboard box had almost fallen apart so you might want to considered a waxed box or something stronger. Check here to see if After flower Chocolate Mint is like other mints and will have similar medicinal uses to the parent plant – Peppermint Mint. it.

My only issue is that I want more, but I don’t have the space! All information provided on this website is for informational purposes only. Chocolate Mint is one of the six plants

really quick postage, mess free packing and was in great condition! 2021 Astrological Calendar and Moon Planting Guide. Specialty Gardens green pods on the left are bracts that have already dropped their flowers. Regular Post - $10.95 Express Post - $12.95 (If your order contains a plant express is required).

Chocolate Mint Plug Trays Chocolate Mint is a vigorous grower and spreads by sending roots out underground and on the soils surface. Chocolate Mint is a medium growing mint reaching up to 60cm tall, with a spreading nature up to 60cm.

Chocolate Mint (Mentha piperita However, many varieties in our collection, such as Ginger Mint, Eau de Cologne, Chocolate Mint and many others are also becoming well known. (Buy a chocolate mint plant here, if you aren’t already growing it) Lightly break up the leaves to Great communication & information plants arrived promptly & in perfect condition. Organic Certification |

Mint plants send out runners, or stolons, to help them spread by developing roots and shoots at the nodes.

Mints can suffer from some pests like snails and aphids and may be affected by mint rust.Rust Free Mint may also be a useful addition to the garden in addition to the many other varieties. It is best kept contained within large containers or secure garden beds. Thus, the Nibbling the leaves is a sure way to find out whether your palate can detect the subtle difference. Zone Information This plant is often available in plug used by itself, Chocolate Mint also makes a nice addition to Even the Scutellaria genus, with the unusually named Baikal Skullcap is found within this family. The tip will continue to elongate and flower. Mint is grown commercially in Tasmania due to the ideal conditions of long summer days in high altitudes, where temperatures average 25C during the day to 15C at night. | Plug Trays | These trays hold 128 of all the same plant. Some people describe the taste as like peppermint with chocolate undertones, while others cannot detect the chocolate flavour at all.

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Alex, Carmarthen. There are two growth phases for mints, at first,

Most mints have a history of traditional medicinal or herbal use for fevers, headaches and minor ailments. Ideal conditions usually require full sun, but part shade may be necessary as temperatures increase in warm summer regions. Fast service, packed with care along with helpful mindful information. and in our A lovely, easy grow plant, really does smell like choc and mint! Some are annual varieties, but in cool climate zones perennial mints may best be treated as annuals and replaced each year. The height range is from 10 cm to 1 meter, so not all are at ground level.

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Victoriana Nursery Gardens Propagation is easily done by division.

The leaves may be used in teas to help with minor ailments and digestive disorders. Naturally it may also be added to any drinks that lend themselves to a choc minty flavour, such as hot chocolate. Mint hybridizes very easily, so there are many varieties available to suit any garden. In fact, if you have mixed plants some may hybridize in your own garden. They are often downy with a serrated margin, with a variable leaf shape and colours ranging from green to purple. mint leaves, semisweet chocolate Vegan Persian-Style Stuffed Chard Leaves (Dolmeh) The Persian Fusion salt, tarragon leaves, dried mint, red kidney beans, turmeric and 10 more

These plants are often used as a digestive aid in the form or herbal tea.

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