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But you don’t need to fear her, because in this game, she’ll be working the right kind of magic for you, in the form of Spirit Jars. As you won’t have any yellow dots on the map to follow, you can drive around randomly, speeding away in those clear, straight paths that don’t have too many obstacles. Gameplay roam-adventure taking place in the city of New Orleans.

Create a character in your image. Collect resources to craft new items.

Gangstar New Orleans Map Exploration and Game Guide.

There are two main types of Spirit Jars you can open up in the game – free jars, which are available every four hours and contain one item that may be very common or low in value, as well as daily jars, which contain better rewards and can only be opened once every 24 hours. You can also evolve vehicles and weapons, which drastically improves their starts and levels them up, and you can do this if you’ve got the required Juju, which you can get as a prize by completing limited-time events and doing well in them. You’re the least common criminal of all. Gangstar cheats, hints, secrets, glitches or other level guides that can help others, feel free to share your insights and experience with other players: Get involved and join the fun: Submit Your Cheats, FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides in comments below: Our own little Wiki page.

But if you’re gunning for three stars, you should learn how to balance speed and precision.

As the name of the game suggests, you will be taken to the streets of New Orleans, completing missions and gaining influence as a criminal, yet anti-heroic figure in the Big Easy, acquiring vehicles, guns, and a variety of other goodies along the way. We’ve got the right kind of survival guide for you if you’re a beginner – our Gangstar New Orleans strategy guide. You can access Gangstar New Orleans’ individual quests menu in the left-hand menu of your screen, and once there, you can review the day’s available quests, and the rewards you can expect to receive.

These quite obviously promise better and rarer rewards underneath the jar. Completing missions and jobs can earn you Fusion or Guardian Boosters, and you can use these boosters to fuse your weapons or vehicles, improving their stats and ultimately improving their star rarity. Not only would this help you move around better, it will also help save you from the gunfire of thugs who may be firing at you from behind or from the side. Luckily we’ve solved and completed this addicting and fun adventure game in which it’s you’re world to explore. But as you’ll find out when you start playing the game in earnest, it could be very, very hard to complete a mission/job with three stars at first. The game is free to play so hurry up and get it.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you are stuck or need help. You can create charcters, Equip yourself with hundreds of weapons and become a gangster in this new, New Orleans  roam adventure game. Aside from the free stuff you can get by completing the in-game tasks, which can be done by naturally playing the game, these quests are also very useful in setting you on the right path and helping you follow the game’s main storyline and staying prepared for the criminals you’ll meet. However, it really isn’t that important to get three stars in the early goings of the game.

The game runs on an energy system, where each mission or job in the game would require you to spend a certain number of energy units in order to push forward. Generally speaking, you can let your thug handle things if the odds are at 75 percent or more.

Take note that we shall also be including some tips for intermediate players, so read on if you’re new or not-quite-new but not a veteran player either! We’re going to stick to the basics of this aspect of the game, as the topic of turf would be getting more coverage in our advanced guide to Gangstar: New Orleans. I am really struggling to finish this A mission from Alain, and every time I try to access and play the mission, it says my battle rating is too low, which is why I feel scared and turn down. January 25, 2017.

And when racing, as we mentioned above, you’ll want to follow the arrows to point you toward the checkpoints, slowing down just as you’re about to turn so you can properly control your vehicle. Stuck needing help on a particular puzzle or mission from the game by Gameloft? Once you’ve beaten the boss, the turf will be yours, but you will also have to make sure it’s amply defended with enough thugs.

Welcome to New Orleans, Louisiana!

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We would suggest holding down on the Sprint icon while moving around, but be careful with this one as well. Thugs are among the free prizes you can get by opening Spirit Jars, and aside from guarding your turf, they can also help you out in another way – by completing jobs. Equip hundreds of weapons, vehicles, gangsters and more to tailor your gangster skills.

In Gangstar New Orleans Download the game from iTunes and Google Play App Store. Exploring all the areas of Gangstar New Orleans in the game by Gameloft. That’s all for now, as far as our Gangstar New Orleans tips and tricks are concerned.

Even if the cops are hot on your trail, remain as calm as possible and avoid bumping into obstacles.

Copyright © 2020 AppCheating. And you can earn even more of that common currency by taking over businesses during select missions. This also applies when driving cars; always look ahead of you to make sure you don’t miss any turns, and while driving at a reasonably fast pace, watch out for obstacles, and don’t steer left or right too much or you may end up losing control of your car. This website uses cookies to improve your experience.

When on a mission or a job, especially if it’s a racing-oriented job, it’s important that you use the game’s cues in order to get the perfect three stars. Go explore the huge map and check out different places in the City of New Orleans, Escape Game – Boy Escape Walkthrough Guide. For one, there’s the HUD map that appears on the top left corner of your screen – a yellow dot refers to your target, a red dot refers to enemies that are armed and dangerous, and a blue dot refers to the police, who will often try to bust you and end your mission.

Since using this pad could throw your orientation off, you might want to swipe left, right, up, or down to look in that direction. Energy replenishes automatically in the game, or you can complete more missions and get energy among your rewards for completion.

(Usually, this would be coins, jar pieces, diamonds, or energy.) In case you know additional hints for the game, don’t hesitate to leave us a message!

This game, like its predecessors, is reminiscent of Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto series for consoles and PC, as it puts you in a similar role of aspiring criminal making his way up in the ranks, with the freedom to roam the city as you please.

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