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You will find the adresses of some of the bigger offices below. All applicants are encouraged to self-identify. You can make an appointment at the Berlin registration office online.

Opening hours. If the board you are interested in does not have any current vacancies, you can still apply for that board – your application will be kept on file for two years and will be reviewed if any positions on that board become available. This also applies to the ancillary provisions for your visa. We recommend you to research for the nearest location before you make an appointment to avoid long travel time. Public appointees to City boards, committees, and tribunals may need to declare a conflict of interest in some matters which come before them. Generally, registration is crucial for being able to settle in Berlin. If you are not selected, your application will remain on file for two years and will be considered for future vacancies on the board. It is advisable to make an appointment before you go in order to avoid long waiting times or worse, being denied service and sent home. Find a template here.If you have never been registered before, it is highly reccommended to go yourself, because the likehood that the officials will not proceed your registration if you are represented is high (especially when registering a married couple or a family). Thu additionally: 3 pm – 6 pm (admission and the giving out of waiting numbers starts at 2:00 pm).

Current board members who are eligible and willing may apply to serve a second term.

You are required to get registered within 14 days from the moment you officially move into your residence by law (see more details here: Bundesmeldegesetz (BMG) § 17 Abmeldung). Photo booth and copier (charge) are located at the cashier (house A, first floor).

You need to bring the following documents to the registration office: the registration form (Anmeldung), the landlord confirmation, your passport, your rental contract and your visa, if you have one. Members of Council do not receive additional remuneration beyond their salaries for serving on the board of a City agency or corporation.

Update June 2020– Due to the Corona pandemic, it is mendatory to book an appointment– Because there are so few appointments available at the moment, simply take any appointment at any administration office you can find, You have the option to attend without an appointment, however we strongly advise you to book an appointment, since waiting times are usually very long and some offices will reserve the right to de. This does not mean that there is a technical fault.

The information gathered in the questionnaire is used to help the City understand if it is achieving its objectives for access, equity and diversity, and if there is more staff can do to engage residents from across the City and remove any barriers to participation. Booking an online appointment is the best way to save time during the registration process. You are encouraged to apply for other board opportunities that may come up and to explore other ways to contribute to the City’s decision-making process in the Get Involved section of

In order to transfer a residence title to a new passport, an appointment is always required. Click on “Termin berlinweit suchen” button on the top right corner to search for an online appointment for residence registration. If you apply for a board position when there is no vacancy, you will likely not hear from us until a vacancy occurs, which could be weeks or months. What should I do now? Subscribe now to our free newsletter (German). Click to view all Bürgeramt locations in Berlin, Click to view Meldegesetz (German Registration Law in German), Main Addresses for Bürgeramt Locations in Berlin, Bürgeramt 3 (Friedrichshain), Frankfurter Allee, Bürgeramt 1 (Neu- Hohenschönhausen) Egon-Erwin-Kisch-Straße, Bürgeramt Spandau – Bürgeramt Rathaus Spandau, Anyone who is leaving Germany and moving to another country is legally…, Interview on how it all started with the registration-service.

Residence Registration (Anmeldung) Service Provider, Residence Registration Service – Start Online, Abmeldung: How To Deregister Your Address When Leaving Germany, How to: Residence Registration in Berlin Germany, Video-Interview: The Story Behind Our Registration Service, How To: Get A German Tax Card “Lohnsteuerkarte” in Berlin, Click on your preferred Bürgeramt location – you can either choose from the map or scroll down through the list of locations, On the next page you should find a button that says. Do you have any questions regarding the right of residence, social benefits or the recognition of qualifications acquired abroad? All applications are screened for eligibility and qualifications, and are forwarded to a nominating panel. Our mission is to help getting your bureaucratic tasks done as

Services for which you can book an appointment, Direct link to the online appointment agreement, Services for which you can book an appointment at a citizens’ registration office, online appointment booking system of the Berlin Immigration Office, Services at location Friedrich-Krause-Ufer, Information about the prerequisites, documents and fees, You can find information on the Corona virus on the.

The registration is simply crucial.

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