how to calculate population rate

If your total population is 410, a sample size of 65 corresponds with a margin of error of 11% for a 95% confidence level. How can I determine the sample size. I use a five percent (5%) of the population as my criteria for selecting my sample. For qualitative research there are no clearly defined statistical rules. 370 for 10,000, 383 for 100,000 and 384 for 1 million).

This is the number of respondents you need. The formulas are quite simple and can be found in any statistical manual. = 384 / (1 + [(384,2-1) / 1100000] = 384, You can calculate yourself with our sample size calculator. Population growth rates are used for many sizes of geographic areas from a specific neighborhood to the world. It depends. Dear,Gert i need help. Hi Didier, I have a 387 respondents reported data from a total population of 4730.

The survey itself went to a random selection of people and no sampling methodology was used. More explanation and further information about determining sample size for estimating the mean can be found in this article. Response rate is the ratio of respondents that fill in the questionnaire they received compared to the total number of surveys you send out. Commonly for qualitative research 20 to 30 interviews are sufficient.

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Thank you. Is this the best method of trying to achieve my goal or should I be doing something else? I mean I can do this, no one can make a objection why I increase the margin of error . and in a second step you can adjust your formula because you know your population: Correction: ss = (ss) / 1 + [(SS – 1) / population]. You can use our calculator to calculate the correct sample size needed for your research: Thank you for your interesting questions. I am doing quantitative study in education population is 7000 how i calculate the sample size , is 200 sample size sufficient ? A crime rate describes the number of crimes reported to law enforcement agencies per 100,000 total population.. How to Calculate Crime Rate?

If 1) the survey sample is large enough and 2) it is representative on some characteristics for the population, you have already ‘proved’ that the results represent the opinion of the population. will i get accuracy and good result? In your case based on a 95% confidence level and a margin of error you will need 287 respondents, so your sample size of 300 is appropriate. It is perfectly possible to make a division of 3 age groups (6-8yrs, 9-11yrs, 12-14 yrs). You can always check with our sample size calculator, Thanks a lot Gert! the new mashing machine has a capacity of 100kgs and costs about Us$55500 its used for washing, rinsing, dry cleaning and pressing. In many researches it is standard to permit a maximum margin of error of 5% but of course you can make this stricter if you want a more accurate result and when you have the time and budget to collect more responses. Create your account. The calculation doesn’t change for those kind of samples. As you see in the formula below, there is no mention of the population size: I would advise you to expect a rather low response rate. In your case fill in n=6 and r=2; does order matter=no – can items repeat=no and the result will be 15. You can work with quota for the different subgroups (based on your population split). What proportion of your population is female? I am working on a change project (small scale) for the completion of my BSN in May. North-East, North-West, South-East, South-West) and look for a representative split across the regions. After all, you could – for example – survey 100.000 citizens in each city but if your respondents primarily contain the ’35-54 higher-educated’ citizens, you can hardly speak of a representative sample. It does not make sense to spend enormous efforts to find a mean of population set. If that is not possible, it is also an option to reweigh your results afterwards in a statistical software pack (e.g. pls help me. Hi, I am planning to apply for a grant application to analyse the role of psychosocial factors on wellbeing. and how many patients per hospital? please break it that because i need to be able to write it in my research methodology, Dear Sarah, you can calculate your sample size by using our calculator: Kind regards Willem, i”m researching on the prevalence of HIV, TB and HIV/TB co-infection between 2012 and 2014 using two public hospital records. I have a population of 678. how do I determine the study sample? I want to know how much is the confidence level and margin of error for these three villages independently ? Mike, thanks for your comment. You can use the following Population Mean Calculator, This has been a guide to Population Mean Formula. Sorry I could post a comment to had to click in a reply bottom from someone’s else comment :). I selected all districts. = 2401 / 1 + [0,024] SSadj. Once your population gets large, your sample size doesn’t change much anymore. Rather than emailing them, my experience is that calling them is far more effective. i wish to know if there exist a statistical way to have the sample size from a known population such as in my case. 1) Doing the reverse calculation (assuming that your population is approx. I would advice you to look on Google Scholar for such an article. I need to do a study in a village. The unit of land area should be square miles or square kilometers. The basic formula is always the same (please find it below) and depends on the confidence level and margin of error you chose: Regarding your second question, I would advise you to look for similar studies in scientific journals. please suggest. so, how I can choose between hospitals? This means that the population of your town has grown by an average of approximately 4,054 people every year since 1980. How I can determine my sample size? This will maximize your sample. If my population is 8500, what are the best statistical tools that I can use? Dear sir from your article while explaining the measures that affect the accurateness of the data I really did not get it . Hi I’m Yeshey, I have population 277 and what will be my sample size? I am doing a research on teachers with population of 1,872 teachers. Using the table from the article, this would mean that you need at least 16.000 respondents. You should find out the distribution in the population of various crucial variables (e.g. Alternatively, you would ‘only’ have to survey 99 respondents with a margin of error of 5%. If so, is it a materially different sample size? Thanks again Gert Van Dessel actually I don’t know the population in each hospital. A formula for Population Mean is given by: In case you want to use the sample mean as representative of the population mean: Let’s take an example to understand the calculation of Population Mean formula in a better manner. This article has been viewed 462,172 times. If you make a selection of branches in your region, this already is a sample (and not a representative one as you only take one region). best regards. What will be my sample size. In order to calculate the overall growth rate, you first have to figure out N. This is done by subtracting the initial population (or P1) from the current population, or the population at the end of the time period you are using (or P2). Would the results and conclusions in the survey ( social survey) be credible? With a population of 1000 respondents (small and medium scale enterprise owners), how many do i sample taking say 95% confidence level? Using a confidence level of 95% and a margin of error of 5%, I would need 105 nurses. Period of 12 weeks = 96 – 144 pupils to be assessed. If you put in a population size of 500 – with a margin of error of 5% and confidence level 95% – your sample size will have to be 218. hi. Hi. It is possible that when you calculate N, it will equal zero, and therefore Gr would equal zero as well. Expert voices and early career reflections on sampling and cases in qualitative research”. I have already conducted my primary research, however since I didn’t know the population, I decided to do as many questionnaires as possible. Would you also happen to know what sampling method this would be considered? In general, a margin of error between 1 and 5% is used.

So, how large should your sample be? William Cochran was the developer of the formula.

Secondly if I have a known population, is there any suitable size defined. If you want to draw conclusions for separate groups and you want to compare results between the selected hospitals, or between public and private hospitals, you have to make sure every subpopulation has a representative sample size. look for differences between different groups of respondents), I think the data will be fine. My problem is, I don’t know what is the number of respondents do I need for each school. Once your population reaches a certain level, your required sample doesn’t increase that much anymore.

{{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons my question is, i am doing a research in hospitals who serves 230 patient per week (7 days) and i need to distribute a questionnair for the patient who is treated their in one specific week, therefore, to calculate my sample size, how much is my population?…can i take the one week total patient as a population and calcualte the sample size or i have to calculate one month data by mulitplying the (230*4) and calculate my sample size. Also, I got some ideas from colleagues that the good %age is to take 10% of the sample from the total population. The selection of your clusters has to be random. Am doing a qualitative research on “An assessment on the factors that affect the the reduction of flood impacts on sanitation in rural areas: A case of Sekeni village in Chikwawa, Malawi”. We looked it up for you. Are these segmentation variables for your group of respondents? After all, a sample that is too big will lead to the waste of precious resources such as time and money, while a sample that is too small will not allow you to gain reliable insights. Study suggested about about 80% of the patients become seizure free for first one year though surgery have few expected adverse event. Often a 95% confidence level and margin of error of 5% is taken. A sample of 438 completed surveys is large enough to make statements about the company in general (i.e.

Please notice that if the three districts are considered as 3 different populations and within that you want to make subgroup in sex, age, ethnicity and religion, you will make sample design very complex, whereas this may not serve your purpose. Your ideal sample size for a population of 2800 with a 2% margin of error and a 99% confidence level would be 1672. So if you see here, in the last 10 months, IBM return has fluctuated very much. A margin of error of 35% is very undesirable, since no reliable conclusions can be made. Would you recommend any specific sample size? Calculate the population growth rate.

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