redmi note 9 review

An assessment or critique of a service, product, or creative endeavour such as art, literature or a performance.

With the Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi hit it out of the park, getting buyers a monstrously powerful smartphone with a MediaTek G90T inside that was a gaming beast, got you a crazy-good camera and looked good too.

Realme's contender gives the Redmi Note 9 a good run for its money. I honestly did not like how oversaturated the display was, no matter what colour scheme you choose. High-quality graphics settings made for a bad experience. Xiaomi is known for offering top-spec smartphones at low prices – a business model that has put it among the top 5 smartphone vendors in the world. And then, we have the phone that started it all, the one that’s supposed to get you more bang for your buck than any other smartphone in the budget segment, the basic Note 9. The vanilla 9, for example, is slightly more compact as it has a smaller screen, employs a MediaTek G85 SoC, has NFC in most markets and there's a resolution drop in the macro and selfie shooters.

The wide angle is fun, although a little soft towards the edges, but does provide some variety when composing your photos. Video tops out at 1080p and although there's video stabilisation, it's not great and won't smooth out motion like footsteps that some higher-spec phones will. What's nice is that you'll get a label appear in the app when something is happening. The camera performance could be better overall. We've been getting those chicken dinners in PUBG Mobile, where some lower power phones just don't seem to be able to keep up.

But firing up the video app did throw up plenty of sleazy content.

The gaming experience is mired with lag, delays and random freezes, and even crashes. Turns out that the phone needs a software update until it can take advantage of that 22W charger.

Then there's battery life. This isn't an AMOLED display, but at this price you're still getting a nice vibrancy and colours from the LCD panel. The Redmi Note 9 Pro Max “maxes” things out by getting features that not every buyer in the budget segment may crave, like a 64 MP rear camera, a 32 MP selfie camera, and 33W fast charging. Apart from not being thoroughly optimised for MIUI, it’s the gaming bits that disappoint the most.

There's digital zoom up to 10x. Image: Tech2/Sheldon Pinto. Find latest and upcoming tech gadgets online on Tech2 Gadgets.

The Note 9 is a little on the thick and weighty side, but some of that is explained by the big battery inside. Moving into the Note 9 from the Sony Xperia L4 - which almost exactly the same price - there's a world of difference in its performance.

Get technology news, gadgets reviews & ratings. But it’s good to have them, if you are ready to pay a little more. For the same price, you get a bigger, brighter, and overall better IPS display, a considerably faster Snapdragon 720G chipset and you can take 4K@30fps videos.

That's a hangover from serving parts of the world where Google services aren't provided, i.e. RSS feed 3.5mm audio jack, dedicated microSD card and IR blaster. You can depend on the phone's Night mode and battery life, though. That unibody polycarbonate shell literally holds the phone together, and it’s finished to perfection around the ports, corners and even around the display. The main sensor means there are not especially large 'pixels' on its surface (0.8µm), but the four-in-one methodology means these effectively combine into a larger equivalent (1.6µm) - the argument being that it can then give you more data to draw from for better results at the 12MP output. 1Up In The House | Search & Destroy Call Of Duty Mobile, Farewell PUBG Mobile | Servers Banned in India.

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