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©2020 Rider Transit - All Rights Reserved. It is the passenger’s responsibility to understand and comply with these regulations. When you see the bus coming, signal or wave so the driver knows you wish to ride the bus. Rider Express Transportation, a Regina-based bus company, launched routes between Vancouver, Calgary, and Winnipeg — and a multitude of cities in between — on Monday morning. It covers over 30 km and has 37 stops. Open alcoholic containers or the consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on the bus and at Central Transfer. If seats are unavailable, please hold on to a handrail. Rider Transit will make reasonable modifications to its policies and practices to accommodate individuals with disabilities. All students must have a current Rider Contract on file for each year. Individuals that refuse a request to leave the bus or Central Transfer are subject to arrest for trespassing. This Bus line begins from Bus Interchange, Newport and finishes at Bus Interchange, Newport. Radios, tape players, CD & DVD players, or other music devices, prohibited unless the sound can only be heard through earphones or is muted to other passengers. Hudson Go Pass is available for customers traveling on Bus Routes 156R, 158 and 159R and the Hudson-Bergen Light Rail to provide more travel flexibility along the Hudson River and into New York. Keep conversations with the driver to a minimum and avoid creating unnecessary distractions. Bus routes for 2020-2021 will be available in mid-August. It runs through 5 km with 21 stops. Newport - Sambrook - Tibberton - Edgmond - Newport, Horsehay - Little Wenlock - Wellington Retail Park, New Works - Little Wenlock - Dawley - Town Centre. RIDER INFO There are many reasons to use GET buses for transportation! The shortest line is: WR17. If you qualify for the discount fare please have your ID ready.

Wait at the near-side corner of an intersection along the route. Have your fare or pass ready before you board.

All Rider Express bus lines are available on Busbud. Watches are not always set to the same time as the transit system. Please ride to your destination and depart at that location.

GET buses are fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG).

Ring the stop request signal approximately one block before your stop. Moovit gives you directions for Wrekin Rider routes and provides helpful step-by-step navigation.

To request a modification, please call Rider Transit at 704.920.7433. When boarding please allow time for passengers leaving the bus. Looking for a specific Wrekin Rider Bus timetable? All Wrekin Rider routes and timetables in West Midlands can be found in the Moovit App. Grocery carts are permitted if space is available but cannot block the aisle or doorways. Proudly serving the Waterloo / Cedar Falls, Iowa metropolitan area since 1972. Operators are not allowed to stop if there are unsafe conditions at that particular stop. Please wait until the bus departs before crossing the street. This Bus route starts from Bus Station, Wellington and ends at Cleveland Arms, High Ercall. All items must be kept out of the aisles and steps and cannot occupy needed seats. 1515 Black Hawk Street  MET buses cannot stop traffic. Empty cans and bottles being taken to a store for redemption are only permitted on the bus in a clean, leak-proof container and in quantities that can be stored out of the way. You can set your watch to atomic time at. Bus Rider Contract Bus Rider Contract. Hours. All public transport changes due to Coronavirus (COVID-19) are updated in the app. MET Transit reserves the right to monitor passenger behavior with the use of video cameras. Their Bus routes cover an area from the Heath, Rodington stop to the Hampton Close, Newport stop and from the Ovens Bottom Cottage, Sambrook stop to the Post Office, Little Dawley stop. Waterloo, IA 50702   |  Map It! Passengers are not allowed to ride continuous round trips on the same route, even if they have a pass or pay additional fares. Contact Us 970.726.4163 icompton@wpgov.com 50 Vasquez Road PO Box 3327 Winter Park, CO 80482 Track Your Bus All Routes How to Ride Need Help?

Riding the bus just once a week helps clean our air. Home >> Rider Guide Rider Guide. Personal hygiene must be maintained in a manner that does not result in offensive odors that are unavoidable and objectionable to other passengers. The Lift. Can't seem to find the Rider Express route you're looking for? Wrekin Rider is a public transport provider in West Midlands which operates Bus routes. Please observe the transit system rules when on the bus or at Central Transfer. Have your fare or pass ready before you board. Metropolitan Transit Authority When you see the bus coming, signal or wave so the driver knows you wish to ride the bus. Open beverage cans or cups without lids are prohibited. Drinking is allowed on the bus if the drink is in a spill-proof container, such as a screw top bottle or a coffee cup with a lid. The longest line from the Wrekin Rider is: WR3. Rider Transit will make reasonable modifications to its policies and practices to accommodate individuals with disabilities. Terms of Use   |   Privacy Policy   |   Admin, ©2017 Metropolitan Transit Authority   ~   Proudly built and maintained by Code for the Cedar Valley, ©2017 Metropolitan Transit Authority   ~   Proudly built and maintained by, Arrive at the bus stop (any intersection on a route) a five minutes ahead of the scheduled time. Lift Rider. 50 Vasquez Road, Winter Park, CO, 80468, United States. Do not stand next to or ahead of the driver while the bus is in motion. The Most Popular Urban Mobility App in West Midlands. Be sure to keep an eye out for a coupon code to benefit from Rider Express discounts and cheap bus tickets. Eating is prohibited on the bus. Bus/NY Waterway Ferry Monthly Pass & Ten-Trip Tickets. Shirts and shoes must be worn on the bus and at Central Transfer. Riding the GET bus … Fighting, spitting or making threatening gestures, Using obscene, profane or offensive language, Smoking or possessing any lighted tobacco product, Destroying, defacing, soiling or removing any part of the bus, Throwing or sticking objects out the windows, Uncaged animals (except trained service animals), Other bulky materials that cannot safely be carried or transported on the bus. If the seating on the bus is limited, strollers must be folded and stowed. Unacceptable behavior infringes on the rights of others and will not be allowed. Please allow the driver to concentrate on safely operating the bus. To provide the highest level of service possible and to assure that transit plays an important role in contributing to the overall quality of life in the metro area. Wrekin Rider is a public transport provider in West Midlands which operates Bus routes. CNG is a fossil fuel substitute, which is environmentally cleaner than gasoline, diesel, and propane.

Boarding and alighting the bus can be a hazardous for small children. 9707264163 icompton@wpgov.com.

Passengers may only bring aboard the amount of possessions that they can carry on to the bus in one trip. Please sit in an available seat and remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop.

The Wrekin Rider has 7 Bus routes in West Midlands with 168 Bus stops. Please keep your cell phone ring tones and conversations at a level that will not disturb other passengers.

The Wrekin Rider has 7 Bus routes in West Midlands with 168 Bus stops. Please get in touch, we have a dedicated team that is in charge of the quality of Rider Express mapping on Busbud.

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Passengers are expected to maintain cleanliness and health standards that do not jeopardize the health of drivers, themselves, or other passengers. Wait at the near-side corner of an intersection along the route. Additionally, the material on this website and all material printed by Rider Transit will be provided in an alternative format upon request.

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