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Your blog helped a lot with my pie crust skillz too :) The picts and instructions are really great – I like how you not only say what to do, but things not to do, or things that don’t work. FUN! VEGAN OPTION I am a New Yorker now London based and the cheese is slightly different over here (non-pasteurized) could that make a difference? Took it to a NYE dinner and once again it was a big hit! I wanted to use my food processor so instead of bowls in the freezer I placed the metal blade, the chopped butter (plate), and the flour (plastic bag) in the freezer for the hour. The only alteration I made was that I used two white sweet potatoes & one regular sweet potato in lieu of the butternut squash, and it was wonderful, but took just a little bit longer to roast. And he’s vegetarian- which is why I ended up making this!). then the iced water. Once they’re browning, there’s just the right amount of time left to chop and saute the onion in another pan. Made this the other night for a dinner party and it was amazing, everyone LOVED it. Alas, baking anything will have to wait until back to living on land and not in a sailboat. It’s best in flatter applications. Deb—Gorgeous photos, of fall and the food. I wonder if you have any ideas for a diary free version of the filling. it sounds delicious. I’d usually be sensible with the amounts but like to be more accurate with baking. Have made it both times using tangy homemade yoghurt in the pastry instead of sour cream – came out perfect, so if others have only yoghurt in the fridge, go for it! Thanks! I didn’t have the sage, so I put in dried thyme and rosemary, which worked wonderfully well. Made this last night and it was amazing! My fault for not cutting the butter small enough into the tart. 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice I made the filling exactly as written, was lazy and used the roll-out pie crust in my fridge, and the result thrilled hosts and dinner guests alike. I’ll have to try it with squash next time. I’ve followed your site for a time but this is a deal changer—OMG how delicious! memphislizzie — Great idea. The flavors are fantastic and the whole thing is beautiful and plenty substantial for anyone abstaining from the bird. Is there a way to do this without a pastry blender? “This is the first dish with butternut squash that I actually like” – actual quote from the lucky guy. Thank you. I decided to make this after seeing your IGTV on Instagram. I used yogurt and will always do this now.

I used the all-butter flaky pie crust. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This was my first try with a pastry blender which was a little scary (I grew up on food processor pie crusts).i recommend adding a bit more onion….

oh, and i used plain lowfat Stonyfield yogurt (i know, blech lowfat, but it’s what I had) in place of the sour cream and it worked without a hitch (I used more than 1/4 cup, just kept adding little dribbles to get the dough the right consistency). I made this but used the olive oil gallette dough recipe from Bon Appetit to make it a bit more heart healthy. Surprisingly easy.

Two galettes GONE in less than TEN minutes. BTW Deb I refrigerated both and then rolled out the crust and assembled the galette on Easter morning. I made the crusts (for smaller version), have the squash and carmelized onions roastede etc. Wow oh wow! I served it with a pork loin and apple dish made in my crockpot and they were so good together. It was my introduction to your website & FB page YEARs ago! I think this is it. Curious if you have any thoughts/advice/experience to offer? For a busy weeknight, I will peel and chop the squash Sunday night and store it in a plastic container until I use it later in the week. I was just introduced to your glorious recipes the other day through a friend who raved about your new book. Or maybe it was that I made a double batch? My husband has decided this is one of the top 5 dishes I’ve ever made for him.
Has anyone tried freezing this before or after baking? Thank you for your beautiful blog. We will definitely make it easier to find when we next redesign. Thanks Deb. Had no experience with peeling squash which turned out to be harder than it looks on food network television, but once that was done the rest was a cinch! This was the first time I baked something so new so quickly. Yes, you can rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips. I’ll make this again!

On further consideration, I’m thinking salad instead: roasted cubed squash, caramelized onions according to the recipe, shredded fontina cheese and chopped fresh sage. I guess we will save the maple cookie dough for another day. Made this for dinner last night exactly as directed. Ideas? Currently making this for the second time, really really love it. I tried it and was so taken with it I’ve made it many times since. Next time I will roll it a bit thinner and be sure to pinch the dough down. made this last night and it is so wonderful! This was amazing. I noticed the dough is the same as you used for the Bourbon Peach Hand Pies which inspired me to make hand pies/turnovers/whatever you want to call them with this savory filling for a party. And it was my first time making pastry, too. Making and eating Hello Dolly's have been a tradition in our family for a long time. Wonderful recipe!

I LOVE fall even more than you do (Is that possible?) Recipes. Thanks for giving me a new idea for butternut squash!

It was not quite as tasty as the ovo-lacto version, but still incredibly indulgent vegetarian fare. New here? Deb! didn’t bother the super crisp, delicious crust so it didn’t bother me! Recipes. Thank you for yet another wonderful vegetarian recipe! SUBSTITUTIONS I can’t wait to eat it because it smells so good! Just made this galette for a Canadian Thanksgiving potluck celebration and, as always, it was a huge hit. Just made the book version of this with a few tweaks – adding a little bacon, a lot of kale, and some carrots and switching to a mix of cheddar and gruyere, as I had them on hand. Thanks, Deb! I would have loved a warning about the number of hours this takes to make at the top of the recipe (mostly idle), but then again it was my own fault for not noticing the first hour of pastry making before I dove in :-) But thank you so much for the awesome recipe. i have yet to buy my first squash of the season, but when i do, this will be the first recipe i try. I love this recipe and have made it several times over the last few years. Looking for any excuse to make it again! I used goat cheese instead of fontina. I will definitely make this again :). I divided it in half and froze it, brought it out last night, heated it slowly in the toaster oven and it was as good as the first time. Ooh, yummy! Oh, Deb – this looks amazing! Also didn’t use sage but added thyme, cayenne and balsamic vinegar to the onions. I like to add fresh thyme leaves into the pastry dough because i love the combination of sage a thyme next to a turkey. I will make this again and use mild breakfast sausage in addition to the onions and butternut squash.

Also love that it can be eaten at a variety of temperatures since the other half is on call so who knows whether he’ll bother to heat it up when he gets a chance to eat it! The pastry dough was remarkable with ease of preparation and a wonderful flakiness!

My husband declared this the best thing I have ever made (and I’ve made some great food lol! It is also easy to do all the prep the day before and assemble and bake the day of the event. You have lots of beautiful galettes I would love to try…. This is hands down, the best crust I ever tasted! I love your vegetarian focus because I only cook vegetarian at home (keeps costs down coupled with complete and total fear of cooking meat without killing someone so it’s always overdone and just tastes bad). (That said, even when tiny, a little bit of butter seepage, usually from the flecks at the surface, isn’t uncommon. My secret to lasting weight loss. Wow, what colors in those photos….fall is here!! What are your thoughts on this? But, I’ll let you know when done. 4. Was looking for a guiding recipe for a fall picnic galette- perfect! Coming into this pretty late, but has anyone doubled this? I made this today, and I’ll be darned it that wasn’t the flakiest galette crust I’ve ever made! There’s a reason it’s front and center on the cover. I’m too lazy to make that on a weeknight! Always gets rave reviews! I have a toddler and can only do so much during nap time lol! Almost every time butter pools, the pieces were a little too big. We’re just kidding ourselves with all that butter anyway ;-). Thank you again for all your recipes, your wit and your ability to make food more accessible. Will absolutely make it again, but can’t promise to share! Both were AMAZING. balsamic vinegar. This looks delicious. All were delish! I also made small individual hand pies, same recipe . I’d like to make it again this weekend for some company. Can I sub plain yogurt for the sour cream? Other diners noted how it ‘stood out from everything else on the plate’. 1 teaspoon salt

I made soft pretzels from your recipe yesterday, which were so great, and tonight i made this galette and it is amazing! I was super excited to make this today, and it smells delightful! No need to struggle with a cutter. Converting 400F gives 204C, the absurdity of which made me laugh. Nearly a disaster as the dough was a horrible sticky mess.

I will definitely make this again. My husband loves butternut squash, I hope this helps you! I used fresh thyme and romano, white cheddar, and chevre, as these were the things I had on hand. I’m anxious to make this galette, especially after reading some of the many wonderful comments!

Do you think it will work? Served it with a salad of green leaf, apples, gouda, and pecans with a maple dressing, and it was a wonderful dinner. … or would it also do Something Very Bad? Better yet, store your Keto Hello Dolly Bars in the freezer for up to a month…if they last that long. Delicious! Very very tasty!

And the way you peel the squash is great!

I basically can’t stop making this. I used a food processor both for the butter and to add the liquid. Tonight though, I used some of the dough to make pigs in a blanket. i love this recipe! I’ll be making this again, and again, and again, and again.

Oh, one more thing, we would have eaten the entire thing except for the fact that I knew the recipe and couldn’t knowingly consume an entire stick of butter (with my husband), at a restaurant it would have been gone for sure!

The filling is fantastic. I short cut on the pastry by not freezing and using the food processor. I had always meant to make it, and when I saw it in the cookbook I decided it was finally time – oh, man, why did I wait so long! then a sprinkle of feta. OMG, it is Amazing! This year I will be celebrating Thanksgiving in California with my in-laws and flying there on Thursday morning.
The first time with yogurt and I was really careful and watched the texture with each addition. Cut them smaller, the absolutely largest should be a small pea but most should be more couscous-ish. Thank you!!!

Hope that helps.

We loved it so much that we made it again a week later! Some wanted it alone, others needed something to go with it. I man what I could taste of it – my boyfriend ate most of it, and what we didn’t consume for dinner I gave him for lunch. We love this recipe. :) I just mixed up the onions and squash and sprinkled cheese on top.

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